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Drottning Blanka Upper Secondary Schools

Drottning Blanka Upper Secondary Schools are part of AcadeMedia, which is Northern Europe’s largest educational company. We are active throughout the entire Swedish school system: preschool, elementary school, upper secondary school/high school and adult education. More information can be found at: www.academedia.se.


A school for global minds

Do you want an education in an international context? When you choose to enroll at a Drottning Blanka School, you’ll receive unique opportunities to broaden your horizons.

After Graduation

You’ll have for example:
– An international network

– Knowledge of the EU and the UN

– Certificates of your participation in international projects

– A Europass CV

– Motivation to continue your studies or work abroad

– Increased social and communication skills

If you want to know more

Contact the student counsellor at your local Drottning Blanka school and follow our #dbgyinternationalisering on social media!

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A 3-year journey

  • Year 1 - Personal commitment

    During your first year you’ll get an introduction to the theoretical basics. You’ll learn more about the EU, the UN Global Goals 2030 and how you can contribute to a better world.

    Examples of what we do in year 1:

    • Focus on you and your role in becoming a global citizen.Study UN Global Goals.
    • Teach you what it means to be an EU citizen.
    • Meet international organisations, e.g. Amnesty International and the Red Cross.

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  • Year 2 - Local commitment

    In the next step, we’ll broaden your perspectives by supporting your participation in an international school project, which might take place in either Sweden or abroad.

    Examples of what we do in year 2:

    • Write an international CV (Europass).
    • You can apply to work-based learning abroad (for vocational students).
    • Participate in an international project in either Sweden or abroad.
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  • Year 3 - Global commitment

    This year you’ll meet many interesting people from different cultures. You’ll also strengthen your ability to interact and communicate with people from other countries.

    Examples of what we do in year 3:

    • You can apply to work-based learning abroad three weeks – three months (for vocational students).
    • Strengthen your international network.
    • Define your professional competences.
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Our current projects

  • 2020 we proudly received Erasmus+ accreditation as a consortium:
    • 2020-1-SE01-KA120-SCH-092430
    • 2020-1-SE01-KA120-VET-092492

and from 2021 we have following mobility programmes.

  • 2022-1-SE01-KA121-SCH-000085111 Envirasmus
  • 2022-1-SE01-KA121-SCH-000065810
  • 2023-1-SE01-KA121-SCH-000141245
  • 2023-1-SE01-KA121-VET-000141209


We are very proud to be a partner in the EU-funded ENVIRASMUS project.

A project that aims to promote a greener Erasmus+ experience in VET education, involving and engaging both learners and staff in living sustainably in the host country.

Outcomes of the project

  • ENVIRASMUS Research.
  • ENVIRASMUS Pre-mobility digital workshops.
  • ENVIRASMUS Student’s Platform for a Sustainable Erasmus.

Visit our website: envirasmus.eu

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Our mission plan

Our mission is to provide an education that helps our students succeed in life, no matter what or where they choose to work or study.

We offer both university preparatory and vocational study programmes.

Part of DBGYs strategic plan is to collaborate with reliable partners to develop sustainable partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We are very proud of our international projects, staff and students that commit to carry out our 3-year internationalisation plan for all our students.

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Your reliable partner

DBGY has years of experience cooperating with partners around the globe within the following initiatives:
• Erasmus+
• Nordplus (funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers)
• Atlas (nationally funded programme)

We use the following European frameworks and intstrument for high quality partnership and mobilities:
• European Qualification Framework (EQF)
• Europass portfolio
• Etwinning

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